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Alumni Days | Edward Snowden: Live from Moscow

  • McInnes Room, Dalhousie Student Union, Dalhousie University 6136 University Ave Halifax Canada (map)

Our right to privacy is one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. With international digital security scandals and government surveillance involving Huawei and Facebook  back in the headlines, now more than ever people are asking, “As global citizens, what are our rights and responsibilities when it comes to privacy?”

That’s what will drive the conversation on May 30 when former American intelligence officer and fugitive Edward Snowden speaks (via livestream from Moscow, Russia) at Dal during an exclusive event.

Snowden has become synonymous with the topic, and subsequently one of the most wanted men in America, since his revelations to the media about top-secret U.S. surveillance activities.

In 2013, the former CIA and National Security Agency (NSA) computer programmer leaked top-secret documents to the media that revealed that the U.S. government had been conducting mass internet and telephone surveillance on its citizens, activities that were outside the limits of the U.S. Constitution

But whether you find yourself squarely for or against Snowden’s actions – or somewhere in the middle – the conversation on May 30 is not about Snowden. It’s about our right to privacy as global citizens.

Snowden will serve as the keynote speaker during the Open Dialogue event, which kicks off the inaugural Dalhousie Alumni Days. Open Dialogue aims to bring people together for thought-provoking conversations focused on timely and relevant topics. And one thing is for sure, privacy is a hot, albeit, necessary topic.