CIPS Nova Scotia is the provincial body responsible for regulation of the I.S.P. designation in this province. As a Nova Scotian I.S.P., you are a member of CIPS Nova Scotia. 

Locally, CIPS Nova Scotia is responsible for: 

  • administering the I.S.P. application process;
  • promoting the I.S.P designation;
  • determining the required action should it become necessary to discipline an I.S.P. holder; and,
  • protecting the designation by taking action against individuals who represent themselves as holders of the I.S.P. when not the case.

CIPS Nova Scotia coordinates its activities with the other provincial bodies through representation on the National Certification Council. Administrative linkages are also in place with CIPS National. 

About CIPS National

CIPS is a association of individual IT professionals. Since 1958 CIPS has helped strengthen the Canadian IT industry by establishing standards and sharing best practices for the benefit of individual IT professionals and the sector as a whole. As Canada’s Association of Information Technology Professionals we represent thousands of members across the country.

CIPS offers Networking opportunities, Certification of IT professionals (I.S.P. and ITCP certifications), Accreditation of IT Post-Secondary programs, a niche IT Job Board, a voice to government, and represents Canadian IT professionals in international forums, encouraging and facilitating on-going professional development and safeguarding the public interest.

Download a copy of our Bylaws here