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Introduction of Unicage

  • Dalhousie University, Goldberg Computer Science Building, Slonim Conference Room (#430) 6050 University Avenue Halifax Canada (map)

Speaker: Nobuaki Tonaka

Talk Brief: "Unicage" is a methodology of developing system for enterprise, featured by shell script, Uncage command and text file. This technology was born about 25years ago, and it may look old fashioned, but, this methodology has been refined eliminating redundancy and complex structure, and keeps its simplicity dedicated to Unix philosophy. Combination of each command which is turned up extremely enables scripts higher  speed of big data than existing other complex methodology. Command sets are now extended to IoT, SNS, and other fields and becoming unique glue technology staying under other various technology. This presentation is for everyone who wants to become splendid user, or universal researcher of Information technologies.

Brief Bio: Nobuaki Tonaka is the President and CEO of Universal Shell Programming Laboratory and Founder of Uncial. After leaving the Ph.D. program in Information Engineering at Tokyo University in 1992, he worked for Daiei, Inc. and developed Unicage System Development Method. From 2000 to 2002, he was a visiting
professor at the University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences where he led activities subsidized by the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA). In 2005 founded USP Labs. From 2009 to 2011, he was a lecturer at Cornell University Retail Management Program of Japan. Other key aspects of his career include
* 2010 Presenter at the Google Tech Talks
* 2011 Keynote speaker at Agile Japan 2011
* 2013 Speaker at MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) CRIBB
* 2014 Co-writer of a joint research with MIT Sloan School of Management on big data analysis by Unicage

Talk Host: Dr. Srini Sampalli,