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Towards universality in IoT Design: From MAKER activities to Mono-gramming

  • Dalhousie University, Goldberg Computer Science Building, Slonim Conference Room (#430) 6050 University Avenue Halifax Canada (map)

Speaker: Hiroyuki Ohno

Internet of Things(IoT) devices are steadily growing in the opportunities that they provide for programmers. As a result, countries around the world are witnessing a surge in the introduction of newer devices. The talk introduces two related topics.

Firstly, demonstrations of multiple projects based on IoT devices are made. These projects are part of the MAKER movement. The idea of developing a comprehensive guide that serves as an initiative for developing multiple IoT projects is introduced. Interested users from around the world will then be capable of replicating these experiments using the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) principle.

Secondly, the talk introduces a solution for universally adoptable shell-scripts as a unifying mechanism. Referred to as Mono-gramming, this is a simple approach towards easing the complexity of programming for IoT devices. Any script written specifically for one IoT environment can function smoothly on another. Besides reducing development time and effort, it ensures a longer life for the software.

Brief Bio:
Dr. Hiroyuki Ohno is a Professor at Kanazawa University, Japan, where he also serves as the Director of Information Infrastructure Division, Information Media Center and Senior Researcher at Keio Research Institute at SFC. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Master and Bachelor degrees in Control Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

He has been an active member of the WIDE (Widely Integrated Distributed Environment) project in Japan since 1998, first as a board member and now as a researcher with the project. He has also worked with the Japanese Government to help with the organization of the National Incident Response Team (NIRT). He was part of the development team of the I Am Alive (IAA) Emergency Communication System.

Dr. Ohno is currently working on developing a universal approach towards programming Internet of Things (IoT) devices. He is also the founder of the Raspberry Gate and Guardian initiative that aims at securing Raspberry Pi devices. He is currently spending part of his sabbatical year with the Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University.


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